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This Agreement forms the contract between you, the client, and Margie Chavasse, the practitioner.  It is governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.


I appreciate that my practitioner is using the principles and practices of Kinesiology and other supportive therapies to assist the body’s own ability to heal and to improve the quality of life and health through natural means. Kinesiology assesses the whole person, including mental, emotional and physical health.


1. My practitioner is a Kinesiologist and NOT a conventional medical doctor (GP). Any advice and support I receive is not mutually exclusive from any treatment or advice I may now be receiving or may have received in the past from any other licensed health care practitioner.


2. The methods used may have a proven clinical foundation, yet may not be recognised or accepted by standard (allopathic) medicine.


3. I accept the responsibility of informing my practitioner, Margie Chavasse, about any medical diagnosis, medication, medicine, foods or supplements I might be taking that could affect this Service or Programme.


4. I recognise that even the gentlest therapies, supplements and medications potentially have their complications in certain physiological conditions, in very young children, in those on multiple medications, in pregnancy, while breastfeeding. Hence the information provided by me is complete and inclusive of all health concerns (including risk of pregnancy), all medications, including over the counter drugs and supplements.


5. The treatment and/or referral to other health care practitioners is based on the assessment of my health, revealed through personal history, examination, laboratory testing, and any other appropriate method of evaluation.


6. I understand that failure to follow sound nutritional, exercise and lifestyle programmes and advice could undermine any expected results and is therefore my own responsibility. I understand that timelines of results and progress vary with each client.


7. I am accepting or rejecting this advice on my own free will.


8. The ultimate responsibility for my health care is my own and that the practitioner is here to support me in this. The practitioner cannot be held responsible for reactions I may have to recommended supplements or remedies. 


9. The practitioner reserves the right to discontinue services and terminate this agreement at any time where it is apparent that my expectations are not in agreement with those that can be provided by the practitioner. I will be entitled to a refund for any services not yet received within 12 months of initial payment, and access to the member site will be revoked if applicable.  After 12 months from date of initial payment I will forfeit any entitlement to refund.


10. I understand that all fees are payable in full before the start of the programme and that the practitioner reserves the right not to start the sessions until the payment has been completed.


11. I understand that the services are non-refundable after the initial 14 day cooling off period.  By accepting the terms of this agreement, I accept and understand that I am foregoing the right to claim any refund including the prepayment for a block of sessions.  However, the practitioner will look at such situations on a case-by-case basis.


12. I understand that committing to any payment plan, offered at the practitioner’s discretion, means I will comply with payments as agreed when signing up to a programme, even if I am no longer able to carry on with the programme.


13. If I am not the person responsible for the payment, I confirm that I have informed them of the payment terms fully and received their agreement.


14. I understand that I must arrive on time for my sessions and should give at least 24 hours’ notice if I wish to change the time or date of an appointment.  If I arrive more than 15 minutes late without prior agreement with the practitioner, I may be classed as a no-show for the session and forfeit my session.


15. My programme is via an online video platform andπ I confirm that I am choosing to work using this method of engagement.


16. I will, at my own expense, defend, indemnify and hold the practitioner harmless from any and all claims, actions, liabilities, injuries, damages, losses, grants, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of or in connection with any use of the programmes of this agreement.


17.  I acknowledge that any Audio or Visual Presentations, Documents and other elements provided by the practitioner to me are the sole intellectual property of the practitioner.  I will not make any such items available to any third party.


18. I understand that the sessions are solely between me and the practitioner and are confidential.  The practitioner may share identifiable personal information only with my permission and ensures best practices and safety measures are taken to store sensitive data and email correspondence.  The security of email correspondence cannot be guaranteed but will be sent from a password protected account from a computer in a private office.  I accept all associated risks.

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