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Margie's  Story

Margie Chavasse is a Kinesiologist

​I'm a mum of three and, as every parent understands, I will walk through fire or over broken glass to help my girls.

So when my youngest began scratching herself and making herself red-raw and bleeding, I was not going to stand by and do nothing.

That was way back in 1994, and gave rise to my first ah-ha moment that "you are what you eat".  I'd been searching high and low for a solution for my toddler, and I lost count of the number of alternative practitioners we saw.  This was alongside many hospital visits that yielded no significant improvements and she was still red-raw all over. 


Eventually someone mentioned a kinesiology practitioner four hours drive away.  I went.  I was desperate.  Within thirty minutes he told me what foods were triggering her; within ninety minutes we had an actionable plan.  My daughter's eczema cleared up, though it took time and commitment.  Her eyes shone and she was a very happy little thing.  And so was I!


Some years later, changes in food, Kinesiology actions and appropriate supplements for another daughter remedied severe fatigue.  We found out that her exhaustion was being driven by a pathogen caught several years previously and something one might have thought as unrelated; It wasn’t – it was the underlying cause.  Other factors, such as stress and a motor accident, had contributed to a suppressed immune system and enabled the pathogens to gain the upper hand, leading to exhaustion.


I decided there and then that I wanted to be able to do this; to help others whose backs were against the wall with their health, as ours had been.  So I trained and qualified as a Nutritionist and then Kinesiologist in 2015.


My approach is not simply about removing foods and limiting diets, it is about dialling down the root cause of illness at a deeper level.

Margie Chavasse, happy sailing

Get in Touch:

If you want to explore how to make a change to your health, then I'd love to hear from you.

07973 331573

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