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What clients say about Margie

Long term Stomach Issues gone - and not returned!

Amanda O - March 2024

Having had stomach issues for many years, I count myself very fortunate to have connected with Margie on LinkedIn. Margie isolated the cause very quickly (a parasite) and recommended the necessary action likely to clear it. Since then I have had no symptoms.


Margie is a lovely person to work with, thoughtful and generous..

I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Even my sceptical father is amazed by the improvements in my daughter

HL - Dec 2023

Margie has been working with me and my toddler daughter since December 2022 with good results. 
In Autumn 2023 we had a more intensive burst of sessions for her with fantastic results!  Even my highly sceptical father was amazed by the improvement.

The intensive sessions enabled us to better pin point the challenges that were causing her multiple symptoms.  This enabled Margie to recommend a combination of supplements (specifically tailored doses & adjusted as frequently as needed), dietary changes & use of lifestyle support machines (hired from Margie to save the expense of buying) to boost my daughter’s capacity to deal with the toxins.  

Her physical symptoms are decreasing & she is so so so much happier in herself, which means I am less anxious & stressed too - winning!  

Margie’s guidance & support has been invaluable at a time when I have felt very unsupported by more “conventional”  options. 

We are continuing to work with Margie to continue the improvement in my daughter’s health & hopefully in time have her back on a more inclusive diet too.

Crushing Headaches - Reasons and solutions found

Angela Nesbitt  - Nov 23

Margie is most generous, efficient and effective.


On Zoom I mentioned that I had suddenly developed unusual headaches; I could not figure out what was causing them. Within a few minutes Margie identified the area in my bedroom that had mold spores irritating me and the type of crystal I needed next to my bed. Repositioning the crystal from a bookshelf next to my bed was easy. Later, with help, I was able to move the furniture hiding the mold. It was staggering to see how much dust had accumulated.


A few weeks later Margie called to check on me. I happily confirmed no headaches. As we chatted I expressed frustration with business challenges. I soon discovered that I was housing trapped emotions -- one inherited from a great grandmother and another that was mine but I was oblivious to its existence. These were both quickly released.


That is a lot of healing in two 40-minute conversations!

Eczema much better

Amy Heald - May 2023

My mum recommended Margie to me after I’d tried what I felt was everything there was to try and get rid of my eczema, I was therefore hopeful of kinesiology even though I’d never tried it before or knew much about it - however Margie guided me through everything I needed to know and we worked through in a logical and practical way what I needed to do and what supplements I needed to take to resolve the eczema that had taken a hold over areas of my skin.

I’ve learnt how to listen to my body more as it gives us lots of clues to what is happening inside we just need to tap into ourselves to find out.

I’m so grateful to Margie for her help and am so happy with the difference in my skin.   Anyone suffering with skin issues or any health issues will know the annoyance and frustration associated with it and I feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Thank you for all your help Margie.

Pain in my knees has gone, so I can return to running.

Claire Jackson - January 2023

Margie took the time to listen to me about my concerns, and my aches and pains. She also asked about my background history to see if anything could be linked back to previous incidents, and from here she prescribed a dose of herbal medicine which was dispatched very efficiently with clear guidelines on when to take it and side effects etc. 

Following a course of this herbal remedy my pains have completely gone, and no more late night googling for me trying to work out what is wrong with me!

Throughout the whole process Margie was on hand if I had any questions and would check up on me regularly to ensure all was ok.  Sometimes just thinking outside the box might be the answer to your problem.

Stomach Problems For Years with no Reason?  Now They are GONE!

Sarah Archer - November 2022

'd been suffering for years with a stomach problem that after eating I would often get bloating and discomfort. I'd tried conventional medicine, but it hadn't resolved it, and I'd tried to pin it down to certain types of food, but it seemed to happen without a pattern. So I just put up with it.

Then my path crossed with Margies and I'm very happy it did. She was able to discern that a certain type of parasite was causing me problems, (I don't know how she did it, it seemed like magic to me), and she prescribed a solution. It was unconventional, but I went with it and the results have been brilliant.

After taking Margie's medicine, (around two months ago), I have not had a single flare up and it has been brilliant.

If you have discomfort and you can't find a solution, then I would highly recommend having a call with Margie to see if she can help.


Yes it's unconventional - but it works!

Thanks Margie!

It's Not What I thought it was!

Vicki Gray - Sept 2022

I have been feeling extremely fatigued for over a month now and I was putting it down to stress.
My anxiety levels had been increasing and I was putting this down to being pre-menopausal.

I’m pretty good at being aware of my sugar intake but also realised this had slipped a little recently. I had a session with Margie and before even taking any of the supplements my energy levels had increased just by having 1 sessions with her.

I’m starting to feel myself again and realise that there are underlying issues in the body which can be resolved relatively quickly with Margie’s in depth knowledge! Thank you for all your help Margie and I’m looking forward to the next session of brain and body wellbeing.

Struggling with my Energy and Emotions for Years - Greatly Improved

Susan Ryrie - July 2022

I am so glad I met Margie. Her approach is truly unique, and after struggling for several years, I now feel so much better.

My energy has improved, my emotional difficulties have evaporated, and my digestive problems are greatly reduced.

Although I have had benefits from other therapies, this was the first to tackle that unthinkable problem ... yes, the possibility of parasites!

But Margie’s approach is truly holistic and very powerful, not confined to one area of difficulty, or one system of the body. She looks at the whole, prioritising between physical, emotional and nutritional needs as the occasion demands.

I am so grateful for her help, and am enjoying the feeling of functioning more normally again!

Debilitating Fatigue for years - Then a Breakthrough

Jan Adams - June 2022

After suffering from debilitating adrenal fatigue for some time, and having tried many alternative therapy routes, I found I was only feeling marginally better. Margie gave me a completely different read on my body, and what might be the cause of my illness. She pinpointed that underlying cause and unravelled a few other issues within my body at the same time.

To this day, as a fan of kinesiology, I still don't get how it works but it DOES - it's all about finding out the root cause of unwellness rather than just putting a plaster over your symptoms.

Margie was personable, caring, made great suggestions and nailed what supplements I needed to support my condition.


If you're struggling with any element of your health, I can strongly recommend Margie as an essential person to turn to!

I had forgotten what "feeling well" really is

Ms NH April 2021

Sometimes we leave things for so long that we forget what feeling really well means. We get used to the status quo and having IBS for years on end, bloating and tiredness and even anxiety become part of every day life. 
Or so I believed until I asked Margie for her help! 

I am writing this account a couple of months on, having sent Margie two samples of hair and having been diagnosed with various different things from her, some of which came as a total surprise and I can honestly say that my life has been changed by her approach and remedies. I have been taking drops and pills and squirts of liquids in my mouth called all sorts of fascinating names and the results are astonishing. Literally astonishing. 

All of what I have discussed with Margie makes so much sense and she has managed to make me let go of my negative emotions as well as completely cured my stomach problems. It’s miraculous. So I want to thank her so so much and would recommend everyone to get in touch and let Margie sort out your life from the “inside out” because it is so worth it!

I can’t remember feeling so well since I was in my twenties and it is not simply the physical side that Margie is able to help you with but also very much your emotional one too. She treats you in a true holistic way. 

IBS, muscle weakness, continuous inflammatory flare ups and exhaustion are all beginning to recede - after decades

BW December 2021

I have used various alternative therapists over the years.  However, Margie goes way beyond their skill levels in being able to pick out salient weaknesses in one’s system (both mental and physical) and in a very supportive way, she reports in and recommends high quality concoctions.  These might appear to be a significant investment but I think they are worth every penny having had quite a turn round in health and begun to deal with some incredibly long standing issues.  

IBS, muscle weakness, continuous inflammatory flare ups and exhaustion are all beginning to recede and I feel much more robust now.    It's good being able to report in and adjust medications as the year wears on and face winter feeling more resilient and balanced.

Thank you, Margie, for a sympathetic and supportive attitude to me (and to those who have written on your website).


I am more than happy to recommend you to others seeking help with their health issues.

My hair is growing!

Jane April 2021

Just been to the hairdressers, they went in to a conflab over my hair, thinking it was breaking off, when they called the chief to come and have a look, she said its not breaking off its new hair, something she hadn’t seen before.   They asked what i had been doing different, so I told them about you.

Thank you x

Pain in Hands and Back greatly improved

CA - March 2024

The remedies recommended by Margie have given me the energy to go through a very intense work project and address a viral infection from start, allowing me to have a great three-weeks holiday in the US, with no health challenges.

Going to the emotional and energetic roots of disease, detecting body imbalances and external aggressors, Margie's healing sessions are going above and beyond the symptoms you come with.

I highly recommend her work to you.

A Problem for Years and a Solution in Minutes

Gail Cooper - Jan 24

Having had a chat with Margie about an ongoing problem, she soon detected the cause and gave me information on what to take, very quickly I was feeling a lot better in myself.

Margie has a wealth of knowledge and is so easy to get along with, putting me at ease straightaway.
I have no hesitation in recommending Margie.

Sore Dry Eyelids for months - Now clearing up with Margie's help

Maria Newman - Nov 23

I am incredibly grateful for Margie's expertise in resolving my persistent dry eyelid irritation. In a remarkably short period, Margie pinpointed the root cause and provided effective solutions that resulted in immediate results.


Margie's ability to pinpoint the cause of my issue not only alleviated my frustration, it also provided the relief I desperately sought.

Her professionalism, coupled with a genuine commitment to her clients' well-being sets her apart.


I wholeheartedly recommend Margie to anyone seeking expert guidance in navigating health challenges with precision and compassion.  Thank you Margie for helping me regain balance.

My lifelong emotional blockage was cleared in 30 minutes

Lavanyaa Rhaasa - Oct 23

Margie is a bundle of energy and a very experienced professional; more importantly she cares!

She always uses the right techniques in her toolkit and for me that was the Emotion Code. In less that 30 mins, Margie released a big confidence block that I had around talking to people in networking.

Through the Emotion Code she released trapped emotions inside of me that I wasn't aware of and helped me change a key ingrained internal belief within me about my work. I wasn't aware of this belief consciously but it now makes sense to me that if I didn't feel I was doing the right work I wouldn't be able to share what I do with others confidently!

Amazing, thank you Margie!

Regained Energy

Kate Bishop - March 2023

Margie was simply fantastic at helping me regain energy after suggesting I had several parasites in my system.


Her expert advice and affordable solutions led me to feel renewed and revitalised!

Shoulder Pain has Gone! 

Nadine Biscaretti - February 2023

The Walnut Tincture has been nothing short of a miracle. Although I am still a little sore especially when I move my left arm up and around and over the part of the muscle down to the elbow, all pain from the left shoulder has gone, literally started going after 12 hrs of the first dose and now gone altogether so that is an absolute winner.


Thank you.

Issues with Digestion and Tummy Aches for 20 years - but no longer!

Caroline Lamb - December 2022

I started with Margie Chavasse about 2 months ago (October 2022) - I had been to the doctors and all my bloods had come back clear but I still had no energy - I felt sick most of the time - I was always hungry and craved sugar and carbs - I also could never miss a meal as I got tummy aches. I also very easily got stomach pains even if my jeans were not too tight. 

I had tried everything I could to get more energy -  (I have had issues with my digestion and stomach for around 20 years)
I had even become nervous of travelling on aeroplanes as I got such bad stomach aches. 

As soon as I started with Margie she diagnosed 2 parasites and DDT toxicity. WIth her work and suggested supplements I started to feel less sick.  She then suggested I gave up sugar and fast carbs in my diet ; not what I wanted to do but I have felt so so much better that it has not been difficult to follow !

I now have lost all feelings of sickness - I do have more energy - I have lost some weight ( one of my goals ) and I feel happier and I even flew to Nairobi and my stomach hardly ached.

It is a very alternative treatment  but when you have  no other options it is well worth a try - now 2 of my children are working with Margie !

Grinding Shoulder Pain for decades now gone

Karen Bashford - August 2022

What can Margie do for you? A good question:

Margie helped me stop the severe pain I was experiencing in my shoulder and arm due to an old injury to my spine. However, it was not due to the injury but because it was a weak spot, which left me vulnerable to parasites. Yes, you read that correctly. Parasites!I am pleased to say following Margie’s diagnosis and recommendation. The parasites have safely been eradicated.

Pain is not always what you expect it to be associated with.

Thank you, Margie, for your friendly, supportive approach. It is lovely not to be conscious of the constant grinding pain anymore. It’s making such a difference in my life. I cannot recommend you enough.

Energy Levels Up - no longer need an Afternoon Nap!

Suzanne Harper - August 2022

I am now into my 2nd month of working on my health and well-being with Margie in preparation
for major surgery,  and I am delighted with the results in terms of my general energy levels.
I don’t feel I need a nap in the afternoon now.  

What I especially like about kinesiology, and the way Margie uses it, is that it prioritises what is important in the present.  Great results! 

Many thanks Margie

Eczema and Food Sensitivities help

Laura Lloyd - March 2023

Margie's approach with kinesiology was so confident and direct. She provided an alternative approach to treat my daughter's eczema, identifying parasites and dietary sensitivities. Her manner was open and joyful, our exchange was spontaneous and put me completely at ease. She worked quickly, on Zoom, and posted some homoeopathic remedies – it couldn't have been more convenient and straightforward.


If you're looking for a kinesiologist or someone who works with energy and the body, she's the perfect person to turn to.

Energy again - I am forever grateful

JB August 2021

Before I met Margie I spent  two long years searching for the right help.
I had zero energy, brain fog, depression and lots of skin rashes, I went from doctors to naturopaths to Kinesiologists and spent a fortune with no results.

It was my last go at trying when I phoned Margie so I guess it was meant to be. 
We had a phone consultation and she helped direct me In the correct way for my health - and my bank balance.

Over a few consultations I went from being bed ridden to completing midnight half iron-mans. For gaining that part of my life back i am forever grateful.

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