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A Journey from Gut Pain to Vitality: A’s Story

For over twenty years, A endured a persistent pain on the left side of her gut, right under her ribs. It wasn’t painful all the time, but it was a constant inconvenience that slowed her down and stopped her from being her best self. Recurring symptoms which she’d just got used to ‘living with’.

A, in her 50s, is a dedicated mother, wife, and successful business owner living in the rolling hills of Dorset. She thrives in her enjoyably busy life, but the regular pain was sapping her energy and vitality, making it difficult for her to be 100% present. The older she got, the more she worried about how this ongoing issue could impact her future health.

Determined to find a solution, A signed up with Margie, seeking relief from the pain that had plagued her for decades. She was ready for change.

Immediate Relief and Deep Healing

A was astonished with the results.

After the first session, she experienced a significant reduction in pain—just like that, the discomfort of the last 20 years stopped.

This immediate relief was the beginning of a transformative journey.

Over the course of three sessions, Margie addressed several underlying issues that had been contributing to A's gut pain and reducing her energy:

  1. Trauma Issues: Unresolved traumas from years past had been causing energy blockages that impacted A’s health. These were identified and addressed, allowing her body to heal.

  2. Mould Issues: A was also affected by mould, which was reduced to manageable levels through targeted remedies.

  3. Hidden Pathogens: As the first pathogen was dealt with, another hidden issue in the gut surfaced. Additional remedies resolved this, providing further relief.

  4. Heavy Metal Toxicity: Margie discovered that heavy metals in A’s body were contributing to mould overgrowth. By reducing the heavy metal toxicity, the mould issue was effectively managed.

Lasting Transformation

In just three sessions, A went from persistent pain and regular gut issues to being completely pain-free —a state she has maintained since. This profound healing has not only alleviated her discomfort but has also revitalized her energy and presence in all aspects of her life.

A's story is a testament to the power of addressing the root causes of health issues. Her journey from chronic pain to vibrant health showcases the potential for true healing and the possibility of living life at 100%.


Take the First Step Toward Lasting Relief

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