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From Muscle Weakness and Exhaustion to Renewed Vitality : How Margie's Remedies Transformed S's Health Journey

When S first met Margie, she was at her wit's end. Severe tiredness and muscle weakness plagued her days, her gut was constantly unsettled, and her mind was clouded with brain fog. Despite being on a high dose of prescription Thyroxine, S's symptoms showed no signs of easing.

With two ponies to care for, it had begun to take S an hour to get through the simple jobs.  By the time she returned to the house she was debilitatingly tired.

S, a Doctor of Mathematics in her early 60s from Gloucestershire, had been a university lecturer. Her logical mind and academic rigor couldn’t protect her from the relentless fatigue that forced her to abandon the career she loved. She had meticulously tried various supplements and treatments, yet nothing seemed to work.

S suspected a parasitic infection was the culprit, but medical tests repeatedly came back negative. Her doctor insisted that her Thyroxine dose was a lifelong necessity to manage her underactive thyroid. But S refused to accept this fate. She sought answers, wanted improvement, and her life back.

It was during this time that S heard Margie discussing parasite infections. Intrigued and desperate for a solution, she booked a set of sessions with Margie. This decision marked the beginning of her transformative journey.

Margie thought a parasite was the most pressing health issue, likely contracted years ago. The remedy she provided brought significant relief, yet S's recovery was not complete.

Next, Margie tackled mould exposure, a problem dating back to S’s childhood. With each remedy, S noticed improvements.

Those were the top-level issues, and then another breakthrough came when Margie uncovered a deeper, more insidious culprit: a toxin from a crop-spraying incident decades earlier, near a campsite where S had fallen ill. This toxin had been suppressing S’s immunity ever since, allowing various pathogens to wreak havoc on her health.

With targeted remedies to remove these deep-seated toxins, S’s recovery accelerated. Her need for Thyroxine diminished as her body healed. Finally, after months of dedicated treatment, S called Margie with exhilarating news: she was no longer taking any Thyroxine. Her thyroid hormone levels were normal.

Today, S enjoys a vibrant life. Her energy has returned, the muscle weakness has gone, the brain fog has lifted, and her gut is calm. She is back to functioning normally and relishing every moment of her revitalised life.


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