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How to Manage Christmas WITHOUT Being a Martyr!

Yes Yes Yes, and Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is just around the corner and I can feel my waist expanding just thinking about it.

Whilst it is hugely good fun to overindulge, the consequences might not be.

Here are some ideas for managing that relaxation of your normal nutrition rules:

These are my top three high risk over- indulgences during the Christmas holiday period.

1. Alcohol.

All alcohol is neutralised by your liver so that's why it's such an important organ to nurture and love. A lot of alcohol = a lot of work for the largest organ within your body. Give it a helping hand by taking Milk Thistle.

Too much stress on the liver can also manifest as anger so if someone is getting too argumentative dose them with milk thistle!

I like this Milk Thistle from A Vogel. You can buy via The Natural Dispensary, use my code NRG015 and you will benefit from a 15% discount!

It also helps with slumps in energy (it’s your liver telling you it is overloaded and please to stop!).

If you need something more substantial for supporting the liver clearance, then this one gets the thumbs up from me: Nutri Advanced MetaClear , also available from The Natural Dispensary, and don’t forget to use my code NRG015!

2. Indigestion

This word covers a multitude of symptoms. You might have reflux, heart burn, feeling bloated, wind, pain in the tummy, or changed stools.

Over Christmas you will probably be feeding the protagonists their equivalent of baby bio – Sugar. Sugar is needed particularly by those gut microbes which you don’t want proliferating. The ones that produce the wind as their own exhaust, the ones that multiply fast such as fungus and moulds (think candida, thrush,).

Want a good solution? If you simply cannot avoid eating cake, mince pies, and chocolates, then counterbalance that with eating more vegetables. If you cannot do that then take chlorella tablets. And lots of them! The ones from Kiki Health always test well for my clients. Nip the reflux in the bud and give your kind microbiome something they need to thrive. You can also find these on The Natural Dispensary.

3. Stress

If you can get through Christmas without a dollop of extra stress, then please let me know your secret! Don’t we all know the exact button to press to wind up a family member instantaneously.

There are a few things you can do here: take a walk outside even if it is raining.

Take several deep breaths – breathe in for 4 through the nose, hold for 7, breath out for 8 through the mouth. Make them deep belly breaths, and repeat 10 times.

Perform the vagus nerve exercise. This one is super-useful, also good for ridding migraines, tension headaches, and even indigestion.

4. The simplest cure-all is water.

Keep up your quantity of water, drink a glass of plain water before taking any drink (coffee, alcoholic, or fizzy drink). If you make that a must-do then you will be supporting all your organs including your liver, the precious and delicate kidneys, your digestion, and lymph – just everything will benefit and love you back for it.


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