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What to eat when you've got COVID

This pesky virus is a time for eating super-healthy and these are my top tips:

Eat LOTS more vegetables - those that grow above ground are the best - Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, tomatoes for instance

Cut out obvious carbs - sugar, potatoes, rice, grains, sugar-sweeteners, processed foods, alcohol, sweets, chocolate, fruit juice, fizzy drinks.

Supplement - with Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercitin in particular

What's happening inside your body?

All illness stresses your body and this pushes up sugar levels in your blood. That's fine so long as they remain in a healthy range. But eating carbs also pushes up sugar levels in your blood. This means that your body (pancreas and insulin production) have to work even harder than normal to bring the sugar level back to a tolerable level. You cannot control the fact you have the virus, but you can control what you eat - it will pay huge dividends and help you recover faster.

The vegetables have lots of nutrients in them which nourish your microbiome, making that better able to combat the virus. This microbiome is your very own army defending you from unwellness so well worth looking after.

Supplements - Vitamin c as a powder or tablet is probably the cheapest most effective supplement, strengthening cells throughout the body. Zinc helps metabolise carbohydrates, so also lowering blood sugar levels. It is in all enzymes , some of which help break down proteins - and the spikes on the covid virus are proteins. If you are short of zinc you will have more difficulty in breaking down those spikes and thus have a worse illness. Quercitin is needed to push the zinc into the cells, making the zinc more effective.


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