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Overcoming Chronic Exhaustion and Digestive Issues

C had been suffering from debilitating exhaustion for two years, following a prolonged period of stress, a COVID-19 infection, and long-standing digestive issues spanning 20 years.

Despite knowing she was gluten intolerant, her symptoms persisted, including frequent sickness, constant hunger, and severe bloating. She felt as though she was running on empty, with no energy to sustain her daily activities.

C, in her 60s and living in Wiltshire, remained a dedicated grandmother, charity manager, and gardener. However, her exhaustion was taking a toll on her ability to perform these roles effectively.

Medical Consultation:

Nothing showed, despite extensive tests by her private GP which revealed no significant issues apart from slightly high blood pressure, leaving her without a clear diagnosis for her symptoms.

Daily Challenges:

  • Digestive Problems: C felt sick most of the time, experienced constant hunger, craved sugar and carbohydrates, and had severe stomach bloating. Missing meals resulted in painful stomach aches, further complicating her daily routine.

  • Exhaustion: Her energy levels were critically low, making her feel as if she had no fuel left in the tank. The fatigue had been a part of her life for two years and was getting worse.

Breaking Point:

Her exhaustion reached a critical point when she had to miss two important and significant events, prompting her to seek alternative solutions after conventional treatments failed to provide relief.

Alternative Treatment:

A friend recommended Margie, an alternative health practitioner. C began a series of three sessions with Margie.

The first session involved identifying the need for a parasite cleanse and addressing toxicity from agricultural pesticides accumulated over decades. Gentle release of old trauma issues was also conducted to unblock energy in the body.

One month later, by the second session, C experienced significant improvement in her energy levels. Her stomach was not bloating as it used to, and she was no longer feeling sick all the time. The constant hunger pangs had also diminished.

Margie then recommended eliminating sugar and fast carbohydrates from C's diet, a change that led to noticeable improvements in her overall well-being and was easier to maintain than expected. Continued trauma release facilitated deeper healing.

By the third session, two months after starting with Margie, C had lost all feelings of sickness, had much more energy, and achieved weight loss, one of her personal goals. Additional remedies for a suspected parasitic infection further improved her energy levels.



By the end of nine weeks, C had experienced a remarkable transformation:

  • No longer felt sick.

  • Significant increase in energy levels.

  • Improved sleep quality.

  • Reduced bloating.

  • Achieved weight loss.


C's case demonstrates the potential benefits of exploring alternative therapies when conventional treatments fail. Margie's holistic approach, which included parasite cleansing, toxicity reduction, dietary adjustments, and trauma release, provided the relief and improvement that had eluded C for years. This compelling success story offers hope to others facing similar chronic exhaustion and digestive issues.


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