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Transforming Health and Well-Being for a Busy Businesswoman

Client Profile:

Meet B, a dynamic actress in her 40s, living on the south coast. Besides her acting career, she is a dedicated mother and a business coach to authors. For years, B struggled with persistent and embarrassing bloating, affecting her comfort and confidence. Along with this, she aimed to lose some weight and had joined a local slimming group.

The Challenge:

B needed to eliminate the bloating that had plagued her for years. Despite considerable time spent researching and adjusting her diet, she hadn't found a lasting solution. Desperate for relief, she booked a consultation with Margie.

Initial Consultation:

Margie identified several key factors contributing to B's bloating:

  1. Electromagnetic Interference:

  • B’s internet router, positioned close to her desk, was emitting electromagnetic interference.

  • Solution: Margie recommended placing specific crystals near the router, which B already had.

  1. Diet and Sweeteners:

  • B’s consumption of low-calorie, low-sugar foods, especially fizzy drinks with artificial sweeteners, was a significant cause of her bloating.

  • Solution: Eliminating sweeteners from her diet reduced bloating and discomfort.

  1. Physical Health:

  • The one-way valves in B’s intestines were not functioning optimally, a common cause of bloating.

  • Solution: Margie demonstrated a physical correction technique, improving their function.

  1. Emotional Well-being:

  • Unresolved traumatic issues from decades ago in B’s past hindered her recovery.

  • Solution: Addressing these traumas was crucial for her overall well-being.

  1. Dental Health:

  • B had had a persistent toothache for a while and was grinding her teeth at night.

  • Solution: Margie recommended remedies to address the underlying pathogenic cause of the toothache and teeth grinding, leading to significant improvements.


Following Margie's holistic approach, B experienced remarkable improvements:

  • Weight Loss: B lost weight without struggling.

  • Dental Health: The remedies reduced her toothache and stopped teeth grinding.

  • Emotional Balance: Addressing emotional traumas was crucial for recovery.

  • Bloating Relief: Persistent bloating became a distant memory.

  • Maintenance: B now checks in for quarterly maintenance sessions with Margie.


B's case highlights the importance of addressing physical, emotional, and environmental factors in health. By tackling the root causes, B regained control over her health, enhancing her quality of life and enabling her to thrive in her professional and personal roles.


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